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Vendor Guide

Vendor application

How to post an ad

Required details when posting an item

How do I make my products standout

Product presentation

Excellent customer services

Leave personal note

Provide great deals and offers

Customers’ reviews

Return and refund policy

Shipping management

How can I manage my shipping terms

How can I manage my shipping

Kenya posta parcel rates

Domestic parcel rates

International parcel rates

Product handling fees

Shipping policy

Prohibited and restricted goods

EA customs management act

Restricted e-commerce products





Import and export guide

Import and export freight services

Fees management

Why choose Karoo

What do we mean by commission

Why haven’t I received my commission

Suspended account


Vendor application

Vendor application can be completed at any time once you’ve registered with Karoo. For one to be accepted, one must fully complete and submit the vendor application form. We advise all vendors to complete the form accurately, failure to do so, the application might be rejected.Read more(refer to how to setup your account doc)


How to post an ad

It is imperative to have all necessary details completed before posting an ad. This will not only make it easy for us to manage the data and content but also give the customers a better understating of what they are about to purchase from your store and even create loyal customers. Read more(refer to how to setup your account doc)


Required details when posting an item:

  • Product Name must be provided;
  • Product Description must be clear;
  • Product Short Description should be accurate (include condition, brand and model);
  • Categories MUST be accurate;
  • Tags;
  • Featured Image has to be clear and professional (see image guidelines)
  • Product Type include all product attributes

Simple Product – for items that doesn’t have variable features

Variable Product – has different features (ie: colour, size, length etc)

Virtual Product – Any product that doesn’t require physical shipping (ie: SaaS)

  • Price;
  • Stoke status should be in stock with posting, otherwise DO NOT POST;
  • Shipping Fees for both national and international;
  • Product handling fees if applicable;
  • Weight is required for shipping purposes;
  • Dimensions is required for shipping purposes;

Read more (refer to how to add a product doc)


Vendor are required to enable their vacation mode when applicable. Dates from and to end of the vacation must be provided to avoid any confusion.


How do I make my products standout?

  1. Product presentation

Photos! Photos! Photos! Great presentation of your products will give you a better chance on converting those click to sales. Don’t be afraid to use more than one image to present your product. It’s not about having heavy photograph equipment, you can also use your mobile phone to make images. Just make sure you use clear background and the right dimensions when making the image. Next to the perfect image, make sure your product description is clear, and easy to read and understand. User simple words and keep it short.


  1. Excellent customer services

When shopping, we are all looking for that extra special treatment after completing a purchase whether online or in store. Just because you can’t see your customer it does not mean that you cannot provide a service with a smile. Providing one or two updates on the order processing (i.e. confirming that the order has been fully processed and is shipped, or providing the shipment details like the tracking number and courier details) helps to build customers trust and loyalty.


  1. Leave personal note

It is important that your customers feel like you know then better and any other supplier out there. Use the ‘Order Note’ to communicate with your customer. For example, sending a simple thank you to your customer after the order has been placed is a great communication tactic.


  1. Provide great deals and offers

By offering attractive deals customers will keep a special eye on your store for discounts. Analyse your products and customers’ behaviour in order to provide the best offers to your customers.


  1. Customers’ reviews

Some customers trust to make purchase on stores that have high ratings. Excellent customer service is key to receiving good customers’ reviews. Some customers enjoy leaving reviews for their suppliers. There is no shame in sending a customer a small note reminding them to rate your products.


Return and refund policy

Customer may process refund under the follow conditions:

  • Item is damaged upon arrival to the customer
  • Item is defective
  • Incorrect item shipped


If item is damaged upon arrival customer must take the following actions:

  • Immediately take picture(s) of the damaged item
  • Contact our customer service department within 24 hours
  • Wait for our approval before shipping the product back to the vendor. Failure to do so, might result to product not refund or replaced
  • Complete the return from
  • Have the item shipped to the vendor within 2 working days


If product is to be returned due to theabove-mentioned reasons, it’s vendors responsibility to pay for the shipping charges.


Customer is the sent our customer service department a copy of the shipping slip within 2 working days in order for the charges to be fully refunded.


Shipping management

How can I managemy shipping terms?

All vendors must manage their own Shipping Term and Shipping Policies by logging into their vendor account. On dashboard go to settings and then select the shipping tab. There is an option to Add Rates and these are to be set by the vendor. The vendor can add as many rates as you want, just select the country (Kenya), State (Nairobi) and the Shipping Fee (could be a fixed rate or % of the total value). To delete a Rate, just click on the x next the rate line. Note that the shipping charges will be displayed during checkout. A tracking ID MUST be provided once available. Failure to do so Karoo will be force to rule in favour of customer may any dispute arise.


How can I manage shipping?

There are number of courier companies that will deliver you product national and international. Before you decided to use any of the shipping supplier shop around to discover which supplier will provide you with the best service. Keep in mind that you have to make it easy and cheap for your customers to receive their products. Do your research on available courier suppliers and how reliable they are before using their services. Below is a list of some courier companies:

Masterpiece Courier Services Limited

G4S Courier Services

Data Rush Services Limited

Roy Parcel Services

Flash World Wide Express

Wells Fargo/Fargo Courier

Timeless Courier Services Kenya Limited

DHL House

TNT Express Worldwide Kenya Limited

Posta Kenya

UPS Kenya


Just to give you an idea of how much you should expect to pay on shipping services see below Posta Kenya rates.


Kenya posta parcel rates

Across the country, with a network of over 450 offices, delivery to the designated post office is made possible after 2 to 3 days. One can send items up to 50 Kgs. For items weighing above 50kgs special arrangements may be made with the Postmaster.


5 235/-
OVER 5 10 290/-
OVER 10 15 375/-
OVER 15 20 525/-
Each additional kg or part thereof 30/-
Each additional kg or part thereof (for offices in hardship areas refer to attached list) 60/-



Air and surface parcel services are available to practically every country in the world. Air parcels generally take 5 to 13 days, while surface parcels take 7 to 45 days. Surface airlifted (SAL) Parcels are air lifted to their destination countries and delivered as surface parcels upon arrival.


Since all parcels sent overseas need clearance from customs, declaration of contents at the post office is necessary.
Maximum weight of an individual international surface/air parcel varies from country to country but the maximum Universal Postal Union (UPU) weight is 31.5 Kgs.


0 – 5 1,860 – 4,410 1960 – 5280 2370 – 6450 2555 – 6890 2950 – 7775
5.5 – 10 4760 – 7310 5730 – 9050 7010 – 11090 7485 – 11820 8435 – 13285
10.5 – 15 7660 – 10210 9500 – 12820 11650 – 15730 12415 – 16750 13945 – 18795
15.5 – 20 10560 – 13110 13270 – 16590 16290 – 20370 17345 – 21680 19455 – 24305
20.5 – 25 13460 – 16010 17040 – 20360 20930 – 25010 22275 – 26610 24965 – 29815
25.5 – 31.5 16360 – 19840 20810 – 25335 25570 – 31135 27205 – 33120 30475 – 37085



Up to 1kg 1,310/- 1,440/- 1,500/-
Over 1 kg up to 3 kg 1,870/- 1,940/- 2,030/-
Over 3 kg up to 5 kg 2,370/- 2,425/- 2,680/-
Over 5 kg up to 10 kg 3,310/- 3,320/- 3,840/-
Over 10 kg up to 15 kg 4,430/- 4,535/- 4,700/-
Over 15 kg up to 20 kg 4,910/- 5,790/- 6,185/-
Over 20 kg up to 25 kg 8,585/- 10,235/- 12,180/-
Over 25 kg up to 30 kg 11,925/- 14,200/- 16,905/-


Product handling fees

Product handling fee is optional. Complete this field if applicable to your product and/or service offering. The product handling fee can be overridden on a per product basis. Amount (30.00) or Percentage (3%) can be populated on the field to indicate the charges.


Shipping policy

All vendors are to enter Shipping Policy when setting up their account(s) failure to do so, Karoo will always rule in favour of the customer(s) may there be any dispute(s) of any shape or form. It is essential that vendors outline their Shipping Policy because this will help to generate customers trust and loyalty. Note that all information entered in the Shipping Policy field will be visible to your customer(s).


Shipping communication to customer

Once the order is dispatched, you MUST inform the customer that the order has been dispatched. An estimated arrival date MUST be communicated to the customer as soon as the order is fully processed. If unsure please contact our team as soon as possible.


Prohibited and restricted goods

The below content is just a guide to help you familiarize with some of the goods that might get you in trouble. If you are planning to provide goods and/or services national and international please be aware that the rules for prohibited and restricted goods and services may vary. All vendors are advised to evaluate their territories that they are looking to sell their goods and/or services thoroughly before conducting any business.


EA customs management act

The Second Schedule of the EA Customs Management Act describes the Prohibited and Restricted Imports. Prohibited imports include: counterfeit currency notes or coins, indecent or obscene materials, articles marked with the Kenyan Coat of Arms or Armorial Ensigns without proper authority, narcotic drugs under international control, hazardous wastes, all soaps and cosmetic products containing mercury, used tires for light commercial vehicles and passenger cars, and counterfeit goods of all kinds.


Importation of restricted goods is prohibited unless approvals are obtained from the designated officials. These include postal franking machines, traps capable of killing or capturing game animals, unwrought precious metals and precious stones, arms and ammunition, ozone depleting substances, genetically modified products, bones, horns, ivory, non- indigenous species of fish or egg of progeny and psychotropic drugs importing into Kenya.Customs & Excise Actgives you more details on Kenya’s prohibited goods law.


Restricted e-commerce products

Just because a vendor has a permit to sale in their physical it doesn’t mean that the goods and/or services can be sold online especially when dealing with international markets. If unsure, ensure that to do your research well before posting any ads. Some products might seem innocent and logically you might think that there shouldn’t be any obstacles posting the ads or even selling the product or service, but it’s mostly the little things that gets you into trouble. The law varies from country to county, so keep that in mind and comply to every country’s law that you are offering your goods or services.


Here is a list of goods that you might not have the permission to sell:



If weapons were not the first thing that pop-up into your mind, then it should have. In most countries it is illegal to sale weapons offline and it’s no different online. If you are unsure of the definition of weapons as it may vary from county to county make sure you do your research as in some countries selling a kitchen nigh online might be preserved illegal.



The tax and regulations for selling alcohol is harshly controlled in most countries. And mostly it’s the substance itself, it’s mostly about the country’s believes and ethnics and it’s up to you to understand their believes, ethnics and law before conducting any online business.



Most of us rely on medicine to improve our health and as innocent as it might seem to sell medicine online even when in possession of a permit it is illegal to sell medicine online. We often don’t think about it but next to weapons and alcohol, if not utilize well medicine can be extremely dangerous. In some countries, simple tablets like vitamins are considered illegal if obtained online. If you are planning to sell any form of medicine make sure to not leave any stone unturned when conducting you research before offering the product(s) online.



As much as you think food shouldn’t been restricted, in some countries they do not permit buying and selling food online due to their health regulations. When considering selling food online make sure you comply with country’s law for example packaging and so on especially with dealing with fresh and/or cooked food.


Below is a list of some of goods that might be restricted in some countries:


  • Adult products
  • Candles
  • Coral
  • Currency
  • Damaged batteries
  • Dietary supplements
  • Explosives
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fireworks
  • Fuels
  • Fur
  • Gambling devices
  • Gas masks
  • Handcuffs
  • Helmets
  • Human growth hormone (HGH)
  • Jumpsuits
  • Lab reagents
  • Lighters
  • Live plants
  • Lock picking devices
  • Matches
  • Medical devices
  • Medical specimens
  • Military uniforms
  • Night vision devices
  • Pesticides
  • Poisonous substances
  • Police shields
  • Radioactive products
  • Rough diamonds
  • Seeds
  • Sharp objects
  • Skin of certain reptiles
  • Sky lanterns
  • Steroids
  • Tear gas
  • Tobacco
  • Waste


All it takes sometimes is that one sale that you didn’t take the time to do you research before accepting the transaction to get you onto the wrong side of law. Be thorough and careful and know your territory. Leave nothing to chance.


Import and export guide

If you are looking to import goods from the US, Europe or Asia, please make sure you’ve coordinated all required details and documents with the necessary parties. If unsure of what is expected, please do some reading on the following websites:

Customs & Excise Act

Customs Services Department FAQ

Customs Services Department FAQ (Vehicle)


Import & Export Freight Services

For all imports vendors may refer to the following companies for door to door delivery services:

Kesom Freight International for EU and Asia

Salihiya Cargo & Shipping Agency for Asia


Fees management

Why choose Karoo

Free is the word we use to describe our service. All you have to do is:

Snap an image of your product

Clearly describe it

List it for free

It’s as simple as that.


No vendor is subjected to pay any fees when setting up their account. It’s free to setup an account and to post any products or services on your store. There is no limitation to how many items you can post but please bear in mind we do not tolerate spamming.


What do we mean by commission

All sales will be conducted through Karooit Enterprise Limited. Once the goods have been delivered and the customer happy with the purchase, commission will be paid out to your account. For example, commission will be paid at the 10thof the month if the order was delivered and accepted on the 5th of the month.


How to calculate commission

Product price: 2000/-

Shipping:         150/-

Handling fees: 50/-

Total:               2200/-

Commission 10%:        200/-

Final commission value: 2000/-


All prices should include VAT. For more information regarding VAT click here


Why haven’t I received my commission

All commission will be paid within 5 days after the merchandise has been delivered and accepted by customer. If after 5 days you haven’t received your commission, please contact our team as soon as possible.


Suspended account

Karooit Enterprise Limited reserves the right to suspend your account at any time. May this happen, any outstanding commission will be paid to your account within 24 hours.


Note: If the customer refuses to accept the order and places a dispute with regards to the order, your commission will be put on hold until the dispute has been resolved. Customer will be fully refunded for all returned and lost orders.