Declutter your home office

Get everything out, place it in a single pile and begin from scratch. Throw out all the things that create clutter and that you do not need or use anymore. File the other documents you need to be able to find them easily. It’s going to take a lot of time but it’s worth the final result.

Categorize it

The most common categories that will help you sort out your documents include labelling(label tape and labeler), mail (address labels, stamps and envelopes), writing tools (pencils, pens and markers), stickies (stickers, tabs and sticky notes) and other tools (staple, straight cutter, hole puncher, staple remover, bill calendar and others).

Label it

Buy a top quality label maker and try labelling your boxes, drawers and files for a quick way to organize your home office. This will help easen finding of your things.

Take care of cables and place all supplies out of sight

Take care of cables by hiding them

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