1. Top Computer Brands

    Computer manufacturers who provide reliability, durability and price value are generally the ones that are considered top computer manufacturers. The top computer manufacturers strive to provide a top quality user experience so that thier PC brand maintains their reputation of quality and value to consumers.


    The built up engineering is based on an aluminium uni-body. They have SSDs which make the hardware suer fast. It is reliable as it has no moving parts. Every component in apple computers is very well thought out and incorporated. The parts are very cleverly designed especially the assymetrical fans which can produce variety of sound frequencies.

    Hewlett Packard HP

    This brand has earned the award of the most innovative brand. As far as computer support is concerned, HP generally has good feedback.


    Its computers have a variety of price points depending upon the type of impressive computer configuration that you choose.Wher

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  2. Tips To Keep Your Car Running Right

    Whenever you visit your mechanic, he will always give you the following tips to not only save the quality of your car but also yourself from unwanted injuries and bruises:

    Review the owner’s manual and schedule regular maintenance. Change oil and air filters frequently. Flush your fluids at least once every two years. Check tire air pressure each month and keep tires at the best pressure. Get tires rotated and balanced either two times a year or once every six months. Monitor the tire tread and replace tires as needed. Keep a watch on break pad thickness and replace pads as needed. Keep your front end aligned. Wash your car and keep it clean to avoid costly body damage.

    Compressed air safety. Always perform thorough inspection on the compressed air horses before use. Drain pan safety. When you are draining off the engine coolant, make sure you take care of the stuff with some respect. Coolants are quite dangerous to our health and must be disposed off in a sensible m

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  3. The Men Watch Guide

    Daniel Wellington Classic Black ST Mawes

    It puts full focus on the bronze colored hands and hour markings, matching with the leather band in a glorious way. Thanks to the simple color scheme, you’ll be able to apply this to just any casual or corporate wear.

    SONGDU Slim Quartz Analog Watch

    It rests nice and comfortably in your wrist and keeps things nice and simple with minimal markings along the watch face, rounded out with a convenient date window right up front. Waterproof enough for everyday use.

    Tonnier Stainless Steel Slim Fit Watch

    This is a metal mesh with super resistant glass lens. It has s thinner watch face and low average multimeter diameter while still having a reliable, functional watch that adds a slim-fit appeal.

    MVMT Classic Analog Watch

    Narrow stitching along the leather band and a prominent stainless steel bezel and a case that is durable beyond compare.

    Vigor Rigger All Black Minimalist Watch

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  4. Software and Games

    Ever wondered how video games are made?

    Brainstorming. A group of people will come up with the general concept of the game. Numerous meetings will occur in which the group brainstorms about the game, figuring out not only how it will look but also how it will work.

    Game breakdown.  Every detail, task job and deadline about the video game is broken down into components and then added to a bulletin board. This board acts as the nerve center throughout the games production.

    Graphics team. Artists sketch out the game characters and backgrounds with a very basic level of detail. These sketches are what the graphic artists use to create the characters and backgrounds in 3D on the computer.

    Development team. This team uses the latest in computer animation technology to bring life to all of the game’s elements adding colors, textures, shading and even movement. The team uses the 3D characters and backgrounds created by the graphics team.

    Programming a

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  5. Car Parts To Look Out For

    Change your oil frequently and use a reliable brand

    Experts agree that it’s good to change it out regularly. If you are confused on what to use, most cars work well with synthetic oil. It is often easier to get your oil replaced at a gas station versus doing it for yourself. Your car needs oil to lubricate your engine and stop detergents so ensure to check your oil every month or so. If your car doesn’t have fresh oil, dirt will build up and eventually kill your engine

    Check your tire pressure every month

    Incorrect tire pressure can lead to a ton of problems including poor breaking, instability, less gas mileage and a flat tire. Rotate your tires often to make sure that they wear evenly making sure you get most of them before replacing them. Get yourself some Yana tyres and you will be good.

    Get your brake pads replaced

    They resist loss of brake power at high temperatures and can be replaced by a mechanic, if need be. Neglecting your brake pad

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  6. Basic Things To Know Before You Buy Your Printer

    Certain functions and abilities matter to different users and everyone wants to balance price with quality and ease of use. The best printer will depend on what you are going to use it for and how much you’d like to spend. Most of the printers marketed for home or office use are ink jet. Versatile and typically less expensive up front, they are best for the occasional printer who wants to be able to print a wide variety of materials but it doesn’t print a lot of volume. This is because the ink cartridges are typically expensive and inefficient. When shopping for your office, most will want to consider laser printers. Their higher up front cost is offset by the lower cost-per-page to print.

    For most of us, the biggest deciding factor when buying a new printer is price. When it comes to picking out the perfect printer, the cost to get it home is only a small piece of the big picture. Long term cost is going to vary drastically based on the cost of replacement ink cartridges an

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  7. Which Laptop Would You Go With

    HP EliteBook 6930p CORE 2 DUO

    This laptop has an Intel Core 2 Duo P8700/2.53 GHZ. Dual core. 64 Bit computing. 1066 MHZ data bus speed. An L2 cache memory. 2GB RAM.800 MHZ speed. A resolution of 1280 * 800 with a widescreen display. A graphical processor of INtel GMA 4500MHD, Dynamic Video Memory Technology 5.0, stereo speakers and stereo microphone sound.A hard drive of 7200rpm spindle speed.A HDD type of harddrive with a 250GB capacity. It includes a preloaded image of select microsoft office 2010 suites. Purchase an office 2010 product key card or disc to activate preloaded software on this PC. With a warranty of 3 years this machine is priced at KES 28,000.

    Dell e4300 CORE 2 DUO

    This laptop has an Intel Centrino 2 with a storage of 8X Read speed. DDR3-1066 SDRAM and a harddrive of 7200rpm soindle speed with a 250 GB capacity. A processor of Core 2 Duo CPU Type. It has an operating system of microsoft windows 7 professional 32bit, no media. A resolution of

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  8. School Books For Back To School

    Starting school can be a little scary but only because those little learners don’t always know what to expect. Since they have many school years ahead of them, let’s give them a sturdy foundation by sharing a few loving and silly stories about school with the aid of the books in our store. Also, a teacher looking to get to know his/her students a little bit better or a parent who wants to remember something about the beginning of the school year should get a book to capture the memorabilia. There are sections for the basics such as name, age and family members but also places to write or draw about favorite things, special talents and more. Each little section also has something to color which adds to the fun.

    Such a school book will be effective in knowing the kids at the beginning of the year or capture first day memories with the kids.

    Back to school books are a gate and opening to begin the school term and usher in new subjects and expand the learning of the stud

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  9. Samsung or Iphone

    I don’t know about you, but I am a Samsung girl. I love everything Samsung. Let’s compare the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with the iPhone X.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This phone is a QHD + super AMOLED screen that is 6.3 inches if you measure the full rectangle or 6.2 inches if factoring in the rounded corners. It includes a 6GB RAM, 64GB of storage, a pair of 12MP rear cameras, an 8MP front facing camera, IP68 dust and water resistance, an iris scanner, wireless charging and AKG-tuned earphones. The design of the Note 9 itself also matches previous leaks, with a glass back, a curved display and a look that’s generally a lot like the Samsung galaxy note 8 other than the position of the camera and finger print scanner.

    iPhone X. This phone is an all screen-design with a 5.8 inch HD display. It is designed with the most durable glass ever in a smartphone and a surgical grade stainless steel brand. It charges wirelessly, resists water and dust. It has 12MP dual cameras with dual

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  10. Pros and Cons of Gold Filled Jewellery


    It is far more affordable than solid gold jewellery which is the biggest pro. It is also a great solution for those who have metal allergies and need to wear gold but can’t afford for all their pieces to be made from solid gold. It also wears much better than regular gold plated jewellery as the outer layer of gold is thicker. With care, chances are you’ll be able to enjoy your gold filled jewellery for many years without losing its gold finish.


    It does not stand the test of time in the way solid gold does. This is the tradeoff for the lower cost. However, if you take care of gold filled jewellery and avoid wearing the finish away, it will look great for years to come. Another downside is that it can be fully repaired to the same finish it had to begin with given the mechanical process required to make the metal. These pieces could be taken to a manufacturing jeweller or specialist gold plater to see if they can be plated to repair any wear.

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