1. The Right Sport Shoes For your Workout

    Thinking of starting that workout to keep fit. Note that the right shoe makes all the difference! Choose shoes that are light and flexible. Ones that provide enough cushion to minimize the impact of your steps, but don’t offer much protection against rocks, general debris and sticks. Ones that have a thick sole meaning they are thick to provide extra stability on uneven terrain. Select the right size. Shoe sizes vary greatly among manufacturers, which means you might have to try a few sizes before you find the right one. Always go up half a size to compensate for socks and swelling. With a shoe from Nike, its innovative designs cater to all kind of industry specifications and there’s separate stability category. It cushions the inner arch of your feet the right way and gives them the stability they need without putting too much pressure. With Adidas as well, the inner arches of your feet will be fitted well. They give you great balance and support. This shoe is loved for the respons

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  2. The best travel cameras and how to choose them

    Buying your first camera for travelling is not an easy job. You want to get your hands on the best travel camera that will be suitable for your travel needs. Questions like, should I get a full frame or a mirror less camera? What’s the best mirror less camera for travel? How much should my budget be for a travel camera? How many megapixels should my camera have? What type of travel photography do I like? What is the best camera for travel blogging? What camera accessories should I get for my new camera? Consider these key areas: Size- Look at the numerous dimensions and weight of the travel cameras on the market. The camera should be lightweight and compact, easy to throw into a backpack and take on your travels without adding extra bulk to your existing travel gear. Megapixels- The higher the number of the megapixels, the higher the image quality. Any camera with a megapixel of 20 and above, will be good at taking travel photography. WIFI/Bluetooth- It is imperative that the travel

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    Is there any man or woman who does not wear perfumes or colognes? Both men and women do their best and spend a lot of money to look stylish and elegant on different occasions especially the formal ones. One may purchase a catchy and elegant outfit and choose a stunning and expensive perfume to complement what you are wearing and impress others. To smell good means walking and talking confidently without feeling worried. Choosing and wearing the right perfume helps you to make your body smell good and increases your confidence at any place to which you go. Here are some of the go to brands with the best product that are value for money:

    Alexander McQueen

    McQueen perfume for her from this designer is one of the best oriental floral perfumes. The main notes in this perfume include; clove, black pepper and pink pepper as top notes. Jasmine, sambac and tuberose as middle notes in addition to vetiver as a base note. This amazing combination makes the perfume one of the bes

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    Samsung 65-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

    It is thin, has almost no plastic border around the set. There is incredible sound via the built-in subwoofer, ridiculous color detail and crazy brightness. This is one of the best sets you can get whether you’re into gaming, sports, action movies or just want to watch your favorite reality show, this is really the top of the line.

    Samsung 40-inch TV

    This particular TV has everything you’d expect from comparable models including a quad processor, three HDMI ports, 2 USB Ports, built in Wi-Fi, excellent sound and all the smart TV features built-in. This particular TV is also mountable on the wall.

    Samsung 40-inch 1080p LED TV

    This set has 1080p LED technology, two HDMI ports and one USB port. It is reliable, has good sound and is very bright meaning it gives a great picture. It does not come with smart TV capabilities which means no Wi-Fi and no built in Netflix.

    Vizio 24-inch LED Smart TV


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    Our mobile phones often become our best friends when travelling long term. It acts as a camera, entertainment, navigation and most importantly your link to the people you love. The following are the must have apps when it comes to travelling:

    It is an offline version of Google maps that you download to your phone. You can be able to download the next city you’re about to arrive in and have directions to your stay on hand as soon as you get off the bus or plane. It is especially handy for solo female travelers to make sure your uber/taxi driver is taking you to the right place. You can also star important places like your hostel or the airport in order to find them more quickly.


    It is an extremely helpful app for travel planning. It gives you advice on all the methods of transport between cities and countries and their cost. It is an excellent way to save time and money when you’re trying to decide between plane, train or automobile an

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    We all love that perfect pair of jeans that will look both stylish and pocket friendly.

    Check out these brands:

    STS Blue

    This particular brand often has the latest trends and classic styles as well. They are stretchy so one can wear them comfortably all day. Their longevity is incredible! They do not lose their shape.

    Old Navy

    These jeans are a classic for both men and women. They are extremely comfortable and hold their shape nicely. They come in a wide variety of washes and styles making it easy to find something for everyone.

    American Eagle

    These jeans have a great fit and plenty of stretch to them. This makes them super comfortable to wear all day long. They come in a wide variety of styles and washes. They may appeal as just a jeans for teenagers, but these jeans can be worn at any age. This particular brand also has particular jeggings that one should be on the lookout for.

    Articles of Society

    These jeans

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    We all love value for our money, right? We all love to be in style without killing our pockets? Little of us when shopping, embrace Kenyan brands. Here is what you need to note about these Kenyan brands:

    Tailoring is key. The likes of designers like Tsuma and Genteel often bring out the true meaning of authenticity into an outfit. Genteel incorporates Kenyan culture into the style and makes outstanding outfits. It is true to note that once something is fixed to your exact proportions, it’s absolutely magic.

    Fluid fashion. These top designers often mix masculinity and femininity to their pieces. They try and create moods with their outfits and try and just keep it playful.

    They all have that got to get it item- All these Kenyan fashion designers have developed that must-have-item. They have developed that article of clothing that no one can live without. This has enabled their customers to move from them loving the item to asking

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    The color of your sofas has the potency to change the perspective, size and shape of the room as well as the furnishing. The color selecting steps should be no longer intimidating with these few simple guides:


    Before choosing to buy grey sofas for your living room, it is important to consider the type of lighting that you will use in the room such as LED, fluorescent, halogent, incandescent or even natural light.

    Size of the room and orientation

    The orientation of where the room faces in relation to artificial and natural light will affect the color appearance.

    Personal preference

    If you are a minimalist, you are bound to go for white, black and grey as one of your to priorities when it comes to color. You need to find out what color you really want and what influence you want to get from the color. In general, cool and pale colors represent a sense of serenity, in this case the grey.

    Test the color

    Before purc

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    Dear beautiful girls, let’s talk swimsuits.  First and foremost we can agree that each brand has a completely different way of sizing. You can be anywhere from a size small to large in swimwear depending on the brand. Cupshe. This particular brand comes in pairs meaning you are buying the same size in both top and bottom. It is essential when purchasing swimsuits to check for reviews. Some of the reviews provide the person’s height, weight and how it fits, which will ultimately help you choose your size in ordering.

    I for one love swimsuits which the bottom has full coverage and is more of a high waist fit than others. The top to have a light padding, two adjustable straps and a latch on the back. Others come padded at the top and with a ruffle detail on the bottom. This particular one is not ideal for jumping up and down rather, for getting your tan on.  Another set is the one piece which often has a great bottom coverage and is often very flattering. The last kind, is one

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    I shall feature here the men gym essentials. What should the man carry to the gym?

    Personal towel. It is essential for wiping off sweat and also in covering the area where one places the head on a gym bench.

    Cologne. It is always a good thing to give a little spray on the body.

    Energy blasts. They are essential if you haven’t eaten for a couple of hours but you are afraid you are going to get bloated if you have a big meal.

    Nike shoes. These are comfortable and amazing shoes for training and running.

    Gym gloves. This is vital in avoiding calluses on the hand and it is also good to note that they should be changed often.

    Amenity foot spray. This helps to prevent wetness and odor on the feet.

    It is worth noting that we are your online accessories suppliers when it comes to sporting goods and accessories. Buy yours online today.



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