1. Let's Talk Huawei P30

    Huawei’s P series of phones have become known for being fantastic devices for photography- that’s what the P stands for.

    This particular phone comes in only one model 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage, but there are enough color variations to give you a degree of choice when buying.

    The main camera is a 40MP wide-angle beast- Huawei calls it a Super Spectrum shooter and it sees RYYB (red, yellow, yellow, blue)light instead of the typical RGB (red, green, blue) enabling it to capture a wider range of colors for richly detailed images and as Huawei claims, making it particularly great in low-light conditions. The phone packs a 16MP ultra-wide camera and an 8MP telephoto camera, the latter of which lends itself to snappier autofocus as well as 30x optical zoom, enabling you to get up close and personal even to distant subjects.

    The phone is almost the same size as the Samsung galaxy S10, but a little heavier. The back and the front of the phone are covered in g

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  2. How To Wear And Buy A WIg

    The following guide will help you buy the right wig:

    Head size

    Determine your head size first. For women’s wigs there are 3 basic sizes: Petite, Average and Large. Most women wear an average sized cap, there are more style choices available if your head size is average. For those who do not wear an average, majority will wear a petite cap. A small percentage of women will wear a small cap. To achieve accurate measurements, it is best to have someone else help you. The tape measure should be snug but not tight or pulled when the measurements are taken.

    Hair type

    There are three choices to the type of wig you may want. Human Hair. These wigs offer the same styling versatility of real hair. Thus, they require more maintenance, styling and upkeep. Synthetic hair. These wigs have the benefit of retaining their shape so they require very little styling. The negative side to this hair is that it cannot be exposed to heat sources as it will permanently damage

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  3. How to Pick the Perfect Carpet

    Before you start shopping, you need to know two things: How to choose the right carpet for you and how to place your carpet. The perfect carpet can bring life into a room and unify your décor, especially in an open space.

    Taking rug measurements will help you narrow down your choices so it’s easier to start deliberating through styles and colors. To visualize how a carpet will look in your space, use masking tape to create a border on the floor. Give yourself a few inch margin of error to avoid picking the wrong carpet. Once you have the tape placed exactly where you want it, use those dimensions to help you choose from the standard sizes for carpets. Find a fit that is closest to your desired measurements. If the size of your favorite rug isn’t within your price range, layer a smaller version, almost similar to the one you vision.

    The carpet should be the size of your living room’s sitting area to ground the living space. To avoid looking awkward, your carpet should

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  4. How to Choose the Right Man's Watches

    I believe if it is your first watch, it should be something classic and minimal. It should be versatile enough for any outfit or situation. Here, you will get the most of your investment especially if you are not ready to buy a bunch of watches. Here is a guideline to choosing the right watch:

    Size. The proportion of your wrist is key. It is also good to note that large watches are those with a complex design and do not pair well with suits.

    Movement.  This either quartz or mechanical.  On a quartz watch, the second hand has the tick tock motion that moves once per second while mechanical watches have a smooth, sweeping seconds motion. Most luxury watches have a mechanical or automatic movement, that’s why it’s usually the preferred movement by watch enthusiasts.

    Price. You should always choose a watch that gives you value for your money. Anything above your budgeted price should be treated as an investment towards improving your personal style.

    Buy h

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  5. How To Choose the Perfect Lingerie

    It is no secret that many of us have no clue on what to look for when getting that perfect lingerie. Here are a few guidelines on how to go about it:

    Beautiful lace

    Lace brings out the beauty in a lingerie. It is recommended to opt for a pristine lace camisole and panties set or an entire body suit of handmade lace. Go for bold colors as well such as red, ivory, black, burgundy or rose colors.

    The Bra

    A satin bow on your bra looks sensual no doubt but so does a spectacular Grecian tulle one as well. Wearing a quarter cap bra made with silk also does it for the lingerie outfit. A V bra is cool too. Also take note that gold works wonders. Splurge on a beautiful bra in spun gold. It is sure to set you apart with its age old classic appeal. You may pair this with spiky heels and a long satin coat too in order to give a modern twist that makes you look like a pretty model posing for Victoria’s Secret lingerie line. You may also go for a baby doll look. Cho

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  6. Gift Designs Your loved One Will Appreciate

    We often believe in creating an amazing experience for our loved ones through gifting. We at Karoo believe that gifting is an art form. These are a few ideas on how to design your gifts for a wedding:

     With the idea of creating traditional food and drink centered gifts featuring branded mugs, use a flowy navy blue ribbon along with custom branded gift tags to finish off the crisp, traditional white gift boxes.

    Black gift boxes with striped gold ribbons to package contents such as tea towels with scented candles truly make the receivers of the gifts appreciated.

    Using pine crates for a fresh, natural vibe and in addition to chocolates and peanuts with a gift tag and insert notecards to finish off the gifts along with a bright red festive ribbon.

    For creating a spa-like experience, choose white crisp boxes and fill them to the brim with relaxation items such as bath bombs, a candle and a tin of tea. Incorporate a ribbon on the gift tag as well as adorab

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  7. Farm Fencing Options

    When it comes to wires, not all fence wires are created equal and knowing the answer can help you decide what is best for your farm needs. A welded wire is constructed by welding the connections between the horizontal and vertical wires of the fence. This type of wire is used with animals who will not lean or stand on the fence. It is pocket friendly but less durable. It can be harder to stretch than woven wire. It can also be hard or impossible to fix, if the wire welds break.

    Woven wire is constructed with a wire knot at the junctions of the horizontal and vertical wires. It comes in a variety of mesh opening sizes and heights. This is a durable, long lasting fencing option. It is easy to stretch and fix.

    Barbed wire consists of two strands of wire that have been twisted together with barbs placed throughout the length of the fence. It can be used as a perimeter fence for your property or in conjunction with a woven or welded wire fence. Barbed wire is an inexpensi

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  8. Designer Ladies Watches For the Office

    Watches are accessories that are now finding themselves back in the office wardrobe. There is nothing like an elegant and feminine wristwatch to bring a sharp look over to the feminine side. Here are the watches:

    Ted Baker Mesh Strap Watch

    This watch is a symbol of femininity as it is a metallic rose gold color with Babylon floral print on the dial. The mesh strap adds to the elegance of the piece in stainless steel. It also has metallic accents on the logo in the same color.

    Micheal Kors Silver Tone and Striped Leather Watch

    This watch is one that blends the best of both worlds; formal and casual. The dial is light blue with geometric patterns and silver metal detailing. The straps which form the highlight of the watch are in leather, painted with beautiful and colorful stripes. It brings a playful vibe to a sharp look.

    Olivia Burton Rose Gold Plated Watch

    This is a watch for everyone who loves a minimalist classic design. It comes wi

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  9. Buy your Favorite Headphones Online

    There is no doubt that wireless headphones have set the bar higher in the world of audio technology. Wireless headphones do not only boast on their wireless efficiency, they’re also known for their high-tech qualities. There are three types of wireless headphones:

    Bluetooth headphones. They provide a good balance between cost and quality. These are you’re best option if you are saver with mobile devices which have Bluetooth capability. There are three types of these earphones. In-ear headphones, on-ear headphones and over-ear headphones.

    Infrared Headphones. The science of infrared technology lies in the light emitting diodes or best known LEDs. LED makes use of pulsating and invisible ray of light. In the case of wireless headphones, the light is transmitted from the transmitter to the earphones.

    UHF Headphones. It allows one to access a wide range of sound than infrared earphones and can be used to listen to music without issue. UHF is a great option to use

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  10. Buy Online Live Equipment For Your Content Creation

    Live stream location does not fall under equipment however, it is vital if you are using natural light as your lighting source. Don’t get wrapped up in what to put into your space. Your content is the most important part of your live stream plus what you have around. A tripod for sitting down for your videos. If you wish to stand for your live streams, you can put the tripod on a top of a small table or box or you can choose to purchase a tall one.

    Lighting is equally as important. Natural lighting in your space is essential. Using a selfie light ring is also convenient for the times when the lighting is not as ideal. If you are only using natural light, you’ll want your lighting coming from a 45 degree angle or right in front of you. Some good light upgrade options include the limo Studio Soft box Lighting Kit. This particular one includes two light stands, bulbs and a carrying case, so that you can tuck them away when you are not using them. Another option is the Diva Ring

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